Thailand, which engaged in an “all-time scuffle,” suspended two for six months

Thailand, which had an “all-time scuffle” with Indonesia, announced its own disciplinary details.

Indonesia won the men’s soccer team at the 2023 Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on the 17th. Indonesia beat Thailand 5-2 after extra time. It was Indonesia’s first victory since 1991.메이저사이트

What drew more attention than the result was the scuffle in the final. The two teams, which had been engaged in a war of nerves throughout the game, began to collide in earnest when the Indonesian bench, which mistook the referee’s foul whistle as the end of the game, broke into the ground at the end of the second half extra time. Thailand tied the game before the end of the second half and led the game to extra time. Indonesia was furious at Thailand’s exaggerated ceremony. In extra time, the two teams were tangled by Indonesia’s provocation, causing a scuffle. In the end, seven players were sent off and 12 warnings were issued in the two teams combined.

The disciplinary action of the “mess game” that attracted the attention of the world has been taken. According to the UK’s “BBC,” the Thai Football Association has announced its disciplinary details. Two players, goalkeeper Sopo Newit Lakyat and Terra Park Pruengna, were suspended for as many as six months. In addition, the goalkeeper coach and two national team officials were suspended for one year.

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