The first female knight to achieve 700 wins in total! Choi Jeong 9-dan, every hand is a record

Choi Jeong 9th dan (Ulsan Korea Zinc), who is drawing a big stroke in the women’s baduk world, set the first record. 

The Korea Kiwon said, “On the 28th, Choi Jung-yi won a black victory over Kixx Kim Chang-hoon 6th Dan in 205 moves in the 2022-23 season KB Kookmin Bank Go League Interleague Round 2 3 game held at the Korea Kiwon Go TV Studio.” told 

With this victory, Choi Jeong 9th Dan achieved a record of 700 victories for the first time as a female knight while building a golden pagoda of 700th professional victory.

After the match, Choi Jeong-9, 9th Dan, expressed her feelings of joy, saying, “It is an honor and joy to be the first female knight to win 700 wins, surpassing the record of the great seniors.” told

Choi Jeong-eun, who stepped onto the professional stage in 2010, earned her first professional victory point against then-4th dan Lee Da-hye in the 9th Jeonggwanjang Cup preliminaries six months after she joined the club. She later recorded 100 victories by defeating 6th dan Kwon Hyo-jin in the 2013 19th Women’s National Noodle Competition preliminaries, and in 2018, she became the third domestic female knight to rise to fame after Park Ji-eun and Jo Hye-yeon 9th dan. 먹튀검증

She also recorded her 500th win in April 2020, beating Kim Ki-beom, 3rd dan, in the 25th LG Bae Qualifier.

The game that drew the most attention last year was the semifinals of the 2022 Samsung Fire & Marine Plantation World Baduk Masters. At the time, with the victory in the semifinals, she recorded 675 professional wins, breaking the record for the most wins by a female driver in Korea, which was held by Cho Hye-yeon, 9th dan.

So far, Choi Jeong-eun has lifted the trophy 25 times. When Ruinaiwei 9-dan was active in Korea, it won 29 championships, but most of them were challenge-type competitions, not championships as they are now. 

Meanwhile, Cho Hye-yeon, following Choi Jeong-i, is recording 678 wins, 1 draw and 515 losses, ranking second among domestic female players. Ji-Eun Park, 9P, ranked 3rd with 612 wins, 2 draws and 482 losses, Hye-Min Kim, 9P, 4th with 544 wins, 517 losses, and Yoo-Jin Oh, 9P, ranked 5th with 498 wins, 299 losses. 

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