The first ‘multi-goal’ Lee Kang-in… The director and local media praised him as “the king of the team”

Lee Kang-in (Mallorca), the ‘next-generation ace’ of Korean soccer who exploded the first multi-goal as a pro, is also receiving praise locally.

Mallorca’s coach Javier Aguirre said to Lee Kang-in, 카지노“He is showing his best skills” after finishing the 30th round home match (3-1 win) of Getafe and Spanish professional football Primera Liga (La Liga) on the 24th (Korean time). he praised.

According to local media such as Marka, coach Aguirre praised Lee Kang-in as an important player at a press conference after the game.

Marka focused on Lee Kang-in’s performance by reporting the match between Mallorca and Getafe.

Marca said, “If you are a Korean who stayed up all night, you could enjoy Lee Kang-in’s new show,” referring to Lee Kang-in’s goal right before the end of the match.

In the second half of extra time, Lee Kang-in ran alone behind Getafe, who sent all players to the front, and scored his second goal, a wedge to make the score 3-1.

Lee Kang-in ran more than 60m from the bottom of the half line and advanced to the penalty area without defensive checks.

Then, with a powerful left-footed shot, he accurately stabbed the top of the goal opposite him.

Marca said, “At the end of the game, Lee Kang-in ran 70m to put a wedge in fear that people in Korea would fall asleep. Lee Kang-in was a great protagonist in the second half. He led all of Mallorca’s attacks.”

In fact, according to Opta, a football recording media, Lee Kang-in kicked a total of three shots that day and delivered two ‘key passes’ leading to scoring opportunities.

He also drew three opponent fouls, and also succeeded in forward dribbling twice. Cross also led the attack in all directions, posting the most number 5 in the team.

Marka also pointed out that Lee Kang-in is contributing greatly to the promotion of his team.

Mallorca (11 wins, 7 draws, 12 losses), which had a winning streak thanks to Lee Kang-in’s performance, climbed to 10th place with 40 points.

Last season, Mallorca, who struggled to escape from the relegation zone until the end of the season, greatly increased the chances of remaining in the first division with 8 games left until the end of this season.

Mallorca, who finished 16th last season, had 39 points.

“This win lifts Mallorca to 40 points, a figure that virtually confirms that Aguirre’s team will compete in the first division next season,” said Marca.

The Mallorca club highly praised Lee Kang-in, who led the team’s attack throughout the season, as a ‘king’, recording 5 goals and 4 assists this season on Twitter.

La Liga, which selected Kang-in Lee as the official recipient of the game, also attached the modifier ‘designer of this victory’ to Kang-in Lee, saying, “I played a great game” through Instagram.

It also posted the game indicator that it won 6 times in ground competition.

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