The French attack is strong, but Hwang In-taek “I will definitely hit it as a fighter”

Kim Eun-joong defender Hwang In-taek showed his determination to fight and win against the French strikers, who are “candidates for the championship.”

On the 23rd at 3 am (Korean time) at Mendoza Stadium in Mendoza, Argentina, Korea and France will face off in the first leg of Group F of the 2023 Argentina U20 World Cup.메이저놀이터

France is strong. In the group draw, he was assigned to Pot 1, and in Group F, he was the only player to win the U20 World Cup (2013). Korea will play the second match against Ondras on the 26th and the third match against Gambia on the 29th. France is also the only team that Korea is behind in the opponent’s record. South Korea had 1 win, 3 draws and 4 losses in 8 matches against the French U20 national team.

Kim Eun-Jung-Ho’s defense team prepared thoroughly because the French strikers are good and fast. Hwang In-taek, who had an interview with the Korea Football Association (KFA), explained, “Even when I saw the video, the French players were quick.

When coach Kim Eun-joong asked if there was anything in particular, Hwang In-taek said, “Because I’m a fighter type, he told me to compete while bumping into him, and to not try to bump into him when it’s late.”

Lastly, Hwang In-taek said about the first game, “I am confident. I have to get the first button right. Of course, the goal is victory. I will show all the plays that we can do without thinking about the opponent and win.” .

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