The lower ranks do better, the middle ranks fluctuate

 The recent V-League men’s matches are literally a series of ‘unpredictable’.

The V-League Men’s Round 5 mid-level game is fluctuating. The reason is that the joys and sorrows of the middle and lower teams are mixed. 3rd place Woori Card (39 points) suffered 3 consecutive losses and 5th place OK Financial Group스포츠토토 (37 points) suffered 4 consecutive losses, and the pace is rapidly dropping. In the case of Woori Card, it lost twice to Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which was in the lowest place during the losing streak, and was also caught up in the 6th place, KB Insurance. The last opponent of OK Financial Group’s losing streak was also KB Insurance. In order to go to spring volleyball, it is the appearance of being shaken by the opponent who must win at the most important time.

Leading Korean Air also has a bad flow. Korean Air suffered a total of 6 losses in 25 games this season, 4 of which occurred in the new year. Recently, he also recorded his first losing streak. In the case of second place Hyundai Capital, it lost both of its two recent confrontations with KEPCO.

On the other hand, the progress of the lower-tier teams is remarkable. In particular, the momentum of KEPCO, which had fallen into a 9-game losing streak, is frightening. KEPCO is on a four-game winning streak, and has swept 6 points against leader Korean Air and second-place Hyundai Capital in the latest two matches. Thanks to this, it secured 38 points, brought down OK Financial Group to 5th place and regained 4th place. In this atmosphere, there is no reason not to be greedy for the third place.

The performances of the lower-tier teams are also not unusual. KB Insurance has changed significantly after replacing a foreign player with Andres Vijena. I recorded 4 wins and 1 loss in the last 5 games, but I only lost to KEPCO, and I beat Korean Air, Woori Card, and OK Financial Group. With 30 points, there is still a gap of 9 points with Woori Card in 3rd place, but with 10 games left, there is still a chance to dream of a miracle.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (22 points), which is at the bottom, is also a team that cannot be ignored. In the last two matches, we caught Woori Card and succeeded in winning streak. Although they are at the bottom of the table, they have suffered only one 0-3 defeat in seven games played in the new year. No matter what opponent you meet, one set has the power to steal it. The possibility of advancing into spring volleyball is slim, but it is a team that can play the role of red pepper powder at the end of the season.

While the top-ranked teams are weak, the mid- and low-ranking teams are rather good at pace, so it is unknown how the men’s mid-ranking battle will unfold. Interesting from the viewer’s point of view, the parties are expected to be at the end of the season full of tension.

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