The secret of Kim Si-woo’s 1.7 billion won prize-winning 18th hole wood tee shot

■ The number of wins and losses of Kim Si-woo’s conversion… On the final day of the Sony Open golf tee shot with a 3-wood on

the 18th hole, on the last day of the US Professional Golf Tour Sony Open, Kim Si-woo caught a wood on the 18th hole. It was one of the winning ways of Kim Si-woo’s conversion. Wood was chosen with the intention of going with more accuracy than a driver.

The 18th hole, which is 501m long, is almost 90 degrees to the left, so if the driver shot is too long, the ball may go out of the fairway area. In the teeing area, I put a tee on the far right edge. This also means that we will aim for the widest fairway as much as possible considering the characteristics of the 18th hole, which curves to the left. 바카라

One more unusual thing about Kim Si-woo’s tee shot is that it is a wood tee shot, and the tee is almost as high as the driver’s tee. The local relay team also paid attention, explaining, “I caught the 3-wood, and the tee height is the driver’s tee height.”

If you swing on a normal trajectory as usual, if you increase the tee, a draw ball will occur. This shows Kim Si-woo’s intention to make up for the distance loss that can be shorter than a driver by choosing a wood with a draw pitch by raising the tee.

■ “When the tee is high, a draw ball occurs… It takes practice to hit it accurately.”

Kim Jae-geun, who served as the head of the competition at the Korea Golf Federation and KGF, said, “Professional players sometimes hit a high tee like Kim Si-woo when they play a wood tee shot. Conversely , if the tee is inserted low when hitting the driver, the ball hits the lower part of the head face and fade occurs.

Siwoo Kim’s 3-wood tee shot headed for the left bunker, but with a neat iron shot, he put the ball on the green in two seconds and became a stepping stone to win the championship with a birdie . He praised it as ‘a beautiful shot like a fairy tale.’

Hayden Berkeley, who competed for the championship, also hit a 3-wood tee shot at hole 18. However, the wood tee height was low. It was one of the factors that Berkeley failed to make a two-on and stopped at par.

If so, can we recklessly increase the height of the tee as in baseball betting on a T-ball? Jae-geun Kim, a member of the competition committee, said that the length of a golf tee should not exceed 10.16 cm and 4 inches. rules were introduced.

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