The throw from first base is 149.5km… ‘Fireballer third baseman’ appeared in ML

American professional baseball San Francisco Giants rookie infielder Casey Schmidt (24) is having his first season in the big leagues. The first impression was strong. Schmidt hit a home run in his first major league debut at Oracle Park, home of San Francisco. He performed what he had long dreamed of on stage, inviting dozens of family and friends.

Schmidt has a lot스포츠토토 of water at the plate. He had a batting average of 0.458 (11-for-24), 2 home runs and 5 RBIs in his first 6 big league games through the last 15 days. However, it is not only because of the feeling of hitting the peak that Schmidt is standing at the center of the issue.

Schmidt is drawing attention for his high-speed first base throw. Schmidt played as a third baseman in an away game against Arizona held at Chase Field on the 15th, and in the process of handling a grounder hit in the 4th inning, he threw to first base, like a right-handed orthodox pitcher’s four-seam fastball. He immediately recorded a lap of 92.9 miles (149.5 km). On the 16th, NBC Sports of the United States introduced Schmidt as a man with a ‘cannon arm’. It was because his throw was full of power, like it came out of a cannon.

This season, he ranks first among major league fielders in terms of velocity. The second place this season was 92.8 miles (149.3 km) recorded by Pittsburgh shortstop O’Neal Cruz on April 4. Along with Schmidt and Cruz, he was also recorded as the ‘only player’ who threw more than 92 miles this season.

The mountain Schmidt has to overcome is the shoulder of Cruise, who is competing for redemption as an infielder this season. Cruz has the best velocity ever for a beast back in the Statcast era. In July of last year, Cruz set a new record by throwing a fireball-like ball that reached 97.8 miles (157.4 km) with first base. Someone may need to increase the tension in their redemption competition. This is because as a first baseman, receiving throws from them with a first baseman’s mitt that is not thick is inevitably different from everyday catches.

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