The zero march was broken in 51 days… “With the mindset of starting over”

“He did so well. I hope to play the game with the mindset of starting over.”

SSG Landers won 6-3 in an away game against Lotte Giants in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Sajik Stadium on the 21st. With this, SSG recorded 2 wins and 1 loss and decorated the so-called ‘distribution derby’ with Lotte as a winning series.메이저사이트

Seo Jin-yong took the point in the last game of the three-game series between the two teams, which have Shinsegae Group and Lotte Group as parent companies, and who shared first place over the course of the three-game series.

Seo Jin-yong’s zero ERA streak was broken. Photo = Reporter Kim Young-gu
Seo Jin-yong climbed the mound at the end of the 9th inning, with the score at 6-2, with a 4-point lead, and secured the victory by recording 3 walks and 1 run (1 earned run) in 1 inning. At the same time, Seo Jin-yong’s zero ERA streak was also broken.

During the 50-20 games from the opening game of this season to today’s game, Seo Jin-yong did not concede any additional points except for one run (against the 4.14 NC game) due to an error, and continued the iron wall march without recording any earned points.

However, in the game on the 21st, Seo Jin-yong showed his pitching faltering as he let out three consecutive walks to lead hitters Yoo Kang-nam, Ko Seung-min, and Park Seung-wook after taking the mound. KBS N Sports commentator Na Ji-wan, who was in charge of relaying the match, was anxious enough to point out that his pitching balance was not his usual, saying, “Now Jin-yong Seo is dragging the ball and not being able to throw it properly.”

However, in the end, Seo Jin-yong scored his first earned run of the season, giving up 1 run to follow-up hitter Kim Min-seok on a sacrifice fly to left field. However, after that, he actively used the forkball to beat the opponent. He put Ahn Kwon-su and An Chi-hong out with consecutive second baseman ground balls and lost the game with only one run. It wasn’t my condition, and it was a struggle, but it was a valuable fight to protect the team’s victory in the end.

Photo = Reporter Kim Young-gu
As a result, SSG, which lost first place on the 18th, the first game of the three-game series, won two days in a row and regained its lead. Season 26 wins, 1 draw and 14 losses. On the other hand, Lotte fell into a two-game losing streak and maintained third place with 22 wins and 14 losses.

After the game, SSG Landers coach Kim Won-hyung also praised the result, saying, “Jin Yong-yi had a hard time stopping the game at the end, but he still showed his strength as a finishing pitcher.” did.

At the same time, SSG coach Kim Won-hyung expressed his hope that the game would continue, saying, “Today’s first goal allowed the scoreless game record to be broken, but we played very well during the last game, and I hope that the game will start again in the future.”

Although the record for zero earned games has been broken, Seo Jin-yong’s performance this season is still as good as a cartoon. He is recording an average ERA of 0.42 with 1 win in 21 games and 16 saves, and the gap with the group tied for second place in saves (9) is wide at 7. It was impossible to maintain the game record without an error until the end of the season, but ‘Sujme’s impenetrable door crack’ is expected to continue.

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