There’s no such thing as “never” in a game…Why did Korea win? I heard the French sigh…

Shocking France, the keywords for losing the match against Korea are “disappointment,” “mistake,” “teaching,” and “surprise.”
“There’s no such thing as ‘never’ in a game….”먹튀검증
The word of the basketball cartoon “Slam Dunk” worked exactly as it was in our soccer. The Under-20 World Cup is a clash between future generations of soccer. In this age group, there are many unexpected things that make it possible to do anything. But it’s not easy to beat France. There are not many teams that have a better youth development system than French football and are full of resources by age.

In the 19th minute of the second half, tall Lee Young-joon moved close to the net in a free-kick situation and scored a header. (Photo = Yonhap News)
France is stuck in memories of 2013. At that time, Samuel Wimiti of defense and Paul Pogba of offense reached the top of the 20-year-old World Cup for the first time in history. I hoped that France would approach that dream like it did 10 years ago. But it also took on the difficulties. The national team did not allow major players to be transferred from all over the European club, so they could not bring all the players they wanted to pick.

France’s “L’Equipe” calmly and gravely told the story of the defeat of the Korean War against Korea. (Picture = Capture of “Recipe”)

Still, I didn’t expect to lose the first game. France’s shock is not so much. French sports specialist ‘Lecquipe’ calmly but heavily criticized. ‘This was not the best way to start a great journey. I was disappointed when I lost the match against Korea,’ he wrote. I made too many mistakes. Despite getting a very dubious penalty, it wasn’t enough to reverse the game scenario.’

Goalkeeper Kim Joon-hong’s performance is indispensable. Without a few good saves, the victory might have been far away. (Photo = Yonhap News)

“I’m disappointed,” French coach Landry Schubang said. “We gave Korea an excuse to lose,” he confessed. Midfielder Flora da Silva also said, “We didn’t have a bad game, but the defense and offense were inefficient. “I shot too many times, but it wasn’t natural enough,” he admitted.

France’s “Le Parisien” looked back on French soccer, which became an unexpected sacrifice by saying, “I was surprised by Korea.” (Picture = Capture of “Le Parisien”
The sighs of the French media ‘P Parisien’ were more intense. He said, “I was surprised by Korea,” and criticized, “I learned a lesson that dominating the game does not lead to scoring.” “Eurosport” also said, “It was not the start that France dreamed of,” adding, “No more mistakes are allowed in the next game against Gambia.” If you don’t want to shorten your journey in this competition, you have to get a hold of yourself,’ he pointed out.

Head coach Kim Eun-joong found a way to win even if he owns less ball or shoots less (photo = Yonhap News)

France’s disappointment can be seen just by looking at the economic analysis data. Our country did not overwhelm France in many ways. France had twice as many passes. France succeeded 585 times out of 645 passes, and Korea succeeded 263 times with 327 attempts. The market share was only 57% in France and 30% in Korea.

Lee Seung-won’s first goal came from the exact and quick counterattack process of our soccer. (Photo = Yonhap News)

However, compared to our soccer, it cannot be said that the “efficiency” was good. France headed into the net six times out of 23 shots, and Korea took five effective shots out of nine. It was effective to make the turning point of the game with fast and accurate soccer without confronting France with power, strength, technology and technology. That was the 22nd minute counterattack. Kim Yong-hak’s breakthrough, who knows how to beat one or two opposing players, and the wisdom to see his running teammate led to Lee Seung-won’s goal. In the 19th minute of the second half, Lee Young-joon’s additional header goal caught the opponent off guard in a free-kick situation.

When Lee Seung-won scored the first goal, the French defense was too clumsy and too loose. (Photo = AFP Yonhap News)
There’s no such thing as “never” in soccer. Our football has dug into the illusion of ‘football to occupy, and therefore dominate’. It showed how to win even if you own the ball less and hit fewer shots. FIFA wrote, “It’s a shocking victory for South Korea against France.”

The Taegeukga fluttered in the stands. It was a triumph to brag about against France. (Photo = AP Yonhap News)

French media added a cold judgment on the penalty in the middle of the second half. “Lakeep” called it a “questionable penalty,” and “Le Parisien” called it a “generously allowed penalty.”

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