Tongyeong wins the bid to host the 57th Presidential Volleyball National Championships

Tongyeong, Gyeongnam (Mayor Chun Young-ki) has been selected as the host city for next year’s ’57th President’s Cup National Middle School Volleyball Tournament’ organized by the Korea Middle School Volleyball Federation.

According to Tongyeong City on the 15th, the President’s Cup National Middle School Volleyball Tournament is held every year for 7 to 8 days around the July vacation period, and if it is held in Tongyeong, it is expected that 60 to 70 of the 90 middle school volleyball teams in the country will participate.

For the first time, Tongyeong City will host the President’s Cup National Middle School Volleyball Tournament.

The competition will be held in four gymnasiums, including Tongyeong Gymnasium, for male and female secondary school and male and female high school teams to play a preliminary pool league, followed by the finals in a tournament format.

Tongyeong City is putting a lot of effort into attracting national-scale sports competitions in various sports in order to recover the local economy, which is becoming more difficult day by day, and it is expected to gain a ripple effect on the local economy of up to 1.5 billion won through the success of hosting the National Secondary Volleyball Competition.

Tongyeong Mayor Cheon Young-ki said, “Not only smooth operation of the tournament, but also the kindness of accommodation and restaurants, eradication of frivolous charges, and thorough hygiene management have a lot of influence on the satisfaction of the athletes, so we will establish a close cooperation system with the Sports Federation, Volleyball Association, Accommodation Association, and Restaurant Association to thoroughly prepare in advance.”

Meanwhile, in addition to the National Secondary Volleyball Competition, Tongyeong will also participate in the 2024 KOVO Cup Competition (men’s and women’s professional volleyball tournament, 15 days) held by the Korea Professional Volleyball Organization (KOVO) in the middle of next month.

If the bid is successful, the city expects to generate more than 5 billion won in economic impact from the two tournaments.카지노사이트

In addition, if the national college soccer tournament, which Mayor Cheon Young-ki personally visited Taebaek City in August and promoted with all his might, is held in Tongyeong, Tongyeong City is expected to enjoy an economic effect of more than 10 billion won from January to February for soccer and more than 5 billion won from July to August for volleyball, completing the big picture of the mayor’s pledge project, “Revitalizing the local economy by expanding the attraction of foreign sports events.

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