‘Wandering Genius’ Ansu Fati, Barcelona to put up for sale… Bidders appeared on the 73 billion won price tag

Barcelona promote release of Ansu Fati.

The Spanish daily newspaper ‘Sport’ said that Barcelona maintains an attitude that it can sell if an appropriate offer comes to the party, and that an English Premier League (EPL) club recently appeared that offered 50 million euros (about 72.9 billion won).

Barcelona has been in serious financial trouble since last year. Nevertheless, in the summer of last year, they forcibly supplied players by increasing the salary cap by turning team assets into income. This year, it’s even harder. Rather, Frank Kessie and Ousmane Dembele were exported to generate income.

If you can even sell parties, it will be of great help in complying with La Liga’s salary cap and UEFA’s financial fair play regulations. Party is not a recruited player, but a foster player from the Barcelona youth team. When selling, the entire amount is recorded as income, so there is a large margin on the books.

As soon as the party appeared in the first team in 2019, it received great attention for its clever and spectacular play. He showed his talent to break through with precise dribbling and acceleration and deceleration that took away the timing of defense without great footwork, and to insert a right-footed shot when a gap opened. However, due to a serious injury, he could not play properly for the next two seasons.

In the last 2022-2023 season, I regained my health after a long time. He scored 10 goals in 51 matches, including cup competitions, between start and substitute. He complied with both appearances and scoring records, but his actual performance fell short. The dominant evaluation was that the sparkling talent of his first debut was diluted. The left winger position, which Party had to play as the main player, was increasingly taken away by Gabi, whose main job is a central midfielder.스포츠토토

Even from a party point of view, changing his environment can definitely be an opportunity to revive. However, England’s rough environment can be dangerous for the party who suffered from frequent injuries, so careful selection is required.

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