It is full of life. In addition to his performance, he actively expresses his opinion whenever he is in operation. A lively discussion is open.

Dominating the team with strong charisma? That’s cool. There are things just as wonderful as that. With his soft charisma, he communicates with the players and brings out the desired results. It is the Brooklyn Nets’ new manager, Zach Vaughn, who is doing this 100%.

On the 5th (Korean time), the Brooklyn Nets club revealed the process of the winning shot in the game between Brooklyn and Toronto Raptors held on December 18 through the official SNS channel.

There was a behind-the-scenes story that fans didn’t know about. This game was won by Kyrie Irving with a wonderful winning 3-pointer right before the end of the 4th quarter when the score was tied at 116-116 after Brooklyn called the operation time.

Before this winning shot, what kind of stories were exchanged during Operation Time?

It was an operational time to get a glimpse of Brooklyn’s changed team culture. New coach Zach Vaughn set the isolation for Kevin Durant, saying, “Irving is in the corner, and the rest of the players are on one side.”

So the operation time was over. But the team’s leader, Durant, witnesses something. Irving looked at him, signaling that he wanted to throw the winning shot.

Durant suggested this immediately, even though the buzzer sounded for the end of the operation time, “Director, let’s turn that pattern for Irving,” and Irving also strongly appealed, saying, “It will be successful.”

Director Vaughn stared at Irving. Irving was shouting forcefully, “It will work.” Then, director Bon asked, “It will be successful?” and then nodded, “Yes, it will be successful,” he corrected the pattern and instilled confidence in Irving.

The result was a great success. Irving caught the ball and scored a clean 3-pointer attempting an isolation attempt from the top.스포츠토토

Powerful control, a wonderful ability that a manager can demonstrate. But what’s just as wonderful is trusting the players and listening to them and creating an environment where they can achieve what they want.

Brooklyn has risen to second place in the East with a record of 23 wins and 7 losses (approximately 76%) since coach Zach Vaughn took over. Former Steve Nash recorded 2 wins and 5 losses (about 28%) and was sacked in the middle. There are no changes in the squad at all. You can get a glimpse of the influence of the coach’s leadership direction on the team.