When a freshman makes a big success, Son Heung-min laughs too

“It will be a great help to Son Heung-min.”

Can Pedro Poro (24), a right-sided defender from Portugal, become a savior for Tottenham and Son Heung-min (31) of the English Professional Football Premier League (EPL)?

The British media ‘Daily Mail’ recently published 먹튀검증 an article titled “Records show why coach Antonio Conte so strongly wanted prisoners.”

Tottenham acquired the right-sided defender Poro from Portugal Sporting on the 1st, which was the transfer window deadline. It was connected throughout the transfer window this winter, but because of the transfer fee negotiations, I was able to hold it right before the end. The reason Coach Conte and Tottenham wanted a prisoner is because he is a resource that can solve the team’s current problems at once.

In modern soccer, side defenders have a great impact on both defense and attack. In Conte’s 3-4-3 and 3-5-2 back three tactics, the importance is more absolute. The left wasn’t perfect either, but the right was serious. It was a problem even before Conte took over. To fill the vacancy of Kyle Walker, who left for EPL Manchester City, he paid over 100 billion won in transfer fees alone. Only 7 players came and went. However, all of them fell short of expectations.

Poro is a resource that can capture both the present and the future because of its good skills and young age. Emerson Royal, who has been employed so far, and Matt Doherty, who left for Atletico Madrid (Spain), were weak not only in defense but also in offensive areas such as crossing and overlapping timing. Although the style of the stage and the difference in level must be taken into account, Poro recorded 12 goals and 20 assists in 98 appearances for Sporting. He is a huge offensive point for a defender.

Tottenham’s attack becomes sharper if the poro blows a sharp cross from the back of the right flank or gives a quality pass in the second line. Harry Kane (30), who will be the target, can use his head and feet in various ways, and Son Heung-min, who is on the other side, can move comfortably between the relatively loose defenses by leaning to the left (based on the opponent’s camp).

‘Daily Mail’ said, “The prisoner shows an aggressive appearance. On the record, it cannot be compared to Emerson and Doherty. It will be a great help to Son Heung-min and Kane, who were hungry for support (from colleagues).”

Heung-Min Son is having a hard time with blunt toes this season. If Poro adds strength to the offense as expected, he is expected to regain the aspect of last season’s top scorer.

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