When I see ‘Bangshinsil’, ‘Yoon Eana’ comes to mind.

This is the ‘Bangshinsil (19, KB Financial Group) syndrome’.

There is not a day without an article on the main page of the portal golf. Golfers always have heated discussions on the subject of long hits in the room when two or more golfers gather.

It is well worth it as she can easily fly an explosive distance of more than 300 yards, which is extremely unusual for a female player. In the 13th hole of the final round of the Chris F&C KLPGA Championship, the first major tournament of the season that ended at the end of last month, he blew 320 yards and doubted the eyes of those watching.카지노사이트

His long hitting cannot be discussed except for his sturdy 173cm tall physical. But the physical advantages his parents inherited would have been useless without his quick swing and ball speed. Bangsinsil’s average swing speed is 107 miles per hour, and the ball speed is said to be about 159 miles per hour.

Swing speed is close to the average of 111 mph for male professional players in Korea, and far ahead of the average of 94 mph for female professional players. In a word, even if he seems like an average male player, it is absolutely not a lie.

Originally, he wasn’t a player with a lot of distance. Moreover, in 2019 he suffered from hyperthyroidism and lost 10kg of his weight. He is now almost completely cured, but at that time it was a time of crisis in his life.

However, he turned the crisis into an opportunity. He says he wielded the Changchun speed stick for about two months, day and night, to increase his distance last winter. Then, the flight distance increased day by day. In other words, hyperthyroidism has become a blessing in disguise.

Sex isn’t bad either. Although it is a conditional seed this season, it has achieved results within the top 5 twice in three competitions with long hits. At the major tournaments, the KLPGA Championship and the NH Investment & Securities Ladies, they competed to win but failed to overcome the last hurdle.

Yuna. Courtesy of KLPGA

Watching Bang Shin-sil’s long hit, many golf fans must have thought of a player’s face. Journalists are no exception. Another long hitter, Yoon Ina (20), is currently spending time on probation. Yoon Ina was first in the 2022 tour long hit category (263.4 yards).

In June of last year, at the DB Group 36th Korea Women’s Open Golf Championship, he was sentenced to a three-year suspension from all competitions organized by the Korea Golf Association and the KLPGA Tour for a serious violation of the rules, and is currently in probation.

For an athlete, especially a golfer whose mentality is the most important, a three-year suspension of qualification is tantamount to a death sentence by judicial standards. So, at the time, public opinion that the punishment was too harsh also boiled.

However, Yuna did not request a retrial. It was according to his own judgment that even if it meant quitting golf, he would gladly accept the punishment for his irreparable mistake.

And he’s been 7 months or so since that punishment. One of the most frequently asked questions while covering the golf scene is, ‘How is Yuna doing?

A rather violent fan grabbed the arm of a reporter who had no authority at all and begged, ‘Please help Yoon Ina to return to the tour quickly’. It seemed clear that Yoon Ina was receiving so much love that the fans came to the rescue.

Every time that happens, the reporter said, “If the prisoner on death row commits a mortal sin, the sentence is commuted if he or she leads an exemplary life. Comforting with silly words.

Yuna is currently having such a time. She returned last winter from a quiet training session in the US. She even sent invitations to competitions on several overseas tours, but she declined because of ‘self-restraint’, she says.

Instead, she competed on a mini-tour held on a state-by-state basis in the United States. It was to keep her game feeling. Although it is not a large amount, it is rumored that she donated all of the prize money she received from the competition to the First Tea Foundation of the United States, whose purpose was to ‘promote children’s worthwhile lives and leadership through golf’.

Yoon Na-na and her roommate Shin-sil ate one pot rice for a year in the national team. Yoon Ina served as a national representative from 2019 to 2020, and Bang Shin-sil from 2020 to 2022.

While Yoon Ina played spectacular golf with long hits during her national team days, Bang Sin-sil was not a long-hit player during her national team days.

After hard work, Bang Shin-sil became equal to or even ahead of Yoon Ea-na in terms of long hits, at least. Golf fans are eager to see the long hitting match between the two players as soon as possible. The same goes for reporters who wonder when that time will be.

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