Why are you out there… Retired player receives 12 billion won and ranks 3rd in team salary ‘laughing reality’

 Baltimore rose vertically as one of the most anticipated teams this season with a ‘surprise performance’ last year. Due to the inferiority of objective power, it was expected to record ‘100 losses’ in the American League East, which was difficult, but it started to rise from the middle of the season and finished the season with 83 wins and 79 losses (.512).

Of course, it was pushed to fourth place behind the New York Yankees, Toronto, and Tampa Bay, but it pushed Boston, a traditional powerhouse, to the bottom, and at one time, it was a wild card competition, and everyone had a surprising season. However, there is a story that the prospects for this year are not very bright due to the team structure that cannot spend a lot of money.

According to the tally of ‘Spottrak’토토사이트, Baltimore’s confirmed team salary this year (based on major league rosters) is about $52.15 million, which is 29th in the league. Oakland (about $43.14 million) is the only team that spends less money than Baltimore. However, it is painful that there is money leaking out of this $52.15 million that ‘seems like nothing’. This is because retired players take close to 20% of the entire team’s annual salary.

Chris Davis (37), the former home run king who announced his retirement after a serious slump due to deteriorating health, is the main character of the sore finger. Davis, who won two American League crowns in 2013 with 53 homers and 138 RBIs, hit 47 homers in 2015, becoming the second slugger in his career. Davis signed a seven-year, $161 million contract with Baltimore ahead of the 2016 season.

There was controversy from the time of the contract, and Davis crashed after the contract like a lie. He hit just 92 home runs and 231 RBIs in 534 games over the five years from 2016 to 2020. During this period, his batting average was 0.196, and his OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) was 0.670, down 20% from league average. Narrowing it down to three years, from 2018 to 2020, makes the problem worse. Davis stayed with a batting average of 0.169 during this period. He eventually announced his retirement in 2020. He could not even complete the term of his contract.

The problem is that there is still money left to pay. Davis has about $5.67 million of his remaining salary for the year, plus a clause in his contract with the dipper, which qualifies him for about $3.5 million more. Combined, it amounts to about 9.17 million dollars (about 12 billion won). Baltimore, already in a bad financial situation, is paying 12 billion won to a retired player who cannot play a single game.

Baltimore’s highest-paid player this year is right-hander Kyle Gibson, who earns $10 million. Next comes Adam Frazier with $8 million and Anthony Santander with $7.4 million. But Davis ranks second in team salary. This is the part where you can feel the sigh of Baltimore.

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