Why Was 2021 the Worst Year for PC Gaming

There is no denying that 2021 has been a rough year for PC gamers and I personally have been on the blunt receiving end of things since I couldn’t get an upgrade for my dying graphics card and as you may 토토 already know for us gamers to be deprived of the new graphics card seems to be a rather cruel affair: darn you scalpers.

With the turn of the year however that all is a thing of the past. 2022 promises to be a fruitful year for PC gaming as is stated by the representatives of most tech manufacturers and the industry as a whole.

That said though, I still believe things are gradually going to get better and we won’t see an overhaul in a mere month of two. As things stand, you either have the choice of building your own gaming PC at an increased price or buying a prebuilt gaming PC. Many gamers have resorted to the latter and prebuilt gaming PCs seem to be the rage right now. Let’s see why that is the case.

Should You Buy a Prebuilt Gaming PC in 2022?

To put it simply, the prebuilt gaming PC seems to be the more logical choice because of the low availability of PC components, especially graphics cards. The state of GPUs is that they instantly get scooped up after being back in stock at retailers.

This has meant that getting a graphics card at MSRP is near impossible until and unless you are very lucky and stumble upon freshly stocked pieces.

This reason however is not the only one that merits the purchase of a prebuilt gaming PC in 2022. There are other factors that play a part in making prebuilt gaming PCs more attractive than ever before.

One aspect of that is prebuilt gaming PCs are a far cry of what they used to be. For the past decade or so gamers have usually associated prebuilt gaming PCs as being overpriced and made of interior quality parts but that is just not the case anymore.

The recent popularity of prebuilt gaming PCs has resulted in manufacturers increasing the qualities of their prebuilt gaming PCs while at the same time making the price of these prebuilt gaming PCs more competitive than ever.

This reduction in price and increase in quality has made the case of prebuilt gaming PCs very compelling with some amazing PCs available at each price point.

Some Prebuilt Gaming Pcs That Are Worth Considering

If you are looking to head into 2022 with a solid gaming PC, then there are a lot of good prebuilt options waiting for you at every price point.

For instance, $1000 seems to be a fair budget that gets you a good gaming PC. In that budget you can get the CyberPowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR, this PC is currently used by many CS: GO pros and streamers. Featuring an Intel i5 and an Nvidia RTX 2060 the CyberPower is a lovely gaming PC that can play any game you like.

For more of these amazing prebuilt gaming PCs at different price points including $500, 800 and $1500 check out 토토. A site which gives smart recommendations regarding everything PC.


There is no denying that 2022 is shaping up to be the year of prebuilt gaming PCs. The havoc and turmoil of the past year in the custom pc build scene has carried on to some extent and therefore going with a prebuilt gaming PC in 2022 seems to be the more logical choice.

We also can’t take away the fact that the prebuilt gaming PC industry has become quite good recently with some amazing PC offerings and is a far cry from the past when prebuilt gaming PCs were nothing but overpriced.

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