Seongnam FC is making changes under coach Lee Ki-hyung.

Seongnam has reached an important turning point. After being in the K League 1 for 3 years under coach Nam-il Kim, he suffered relegation last season. After parting ways with manager Kim Nam-il and appointing acting manager Jeong Kyung-ho, they tried to break through the crisis, but in the end they could not avoid relegation. It was even more difficult due to overlapping political issues. It was so serious that even the crisis of the club’s existence was talked about. There were so many problems both internally and externally.

The problem of the existence of the club was settled with the maintenance of the club, but the budget problem got in the way. Due to the relegation, we had to send out the core members, but the budget was cut a lot, so it was even more difficult to maintain. In-soo Yoo, Je-woon Yeon, Si-young Lee, Soo-il Park, Min-hyeok Kim, and Ji-mook Choi left. Kwak Kwang-seon, Kim Min-hyeok, Ma Sang-hoon, Park Yong-ji, and Palacios also said goodbye.

Newly appointed head coach Lee Ki-hyung faced difficulties from the formation of the team. Within the limited budget, the direction set by director Lee Ki-hyung was ‘desperation’. He targeted players with the desire to jump even one step further. As for age, we targeted people in their early to mid-20s. He filled the squad by bringing in people who weren’t young but couldn’t show it clearly. 스포츠토토

He recruited Yu Juan from Suwon Samsung and loaned Jeong Han-min from FC Seoul. Kook Tae-jung, Park Sang-hyeok, Lee Sang-min, and Moon Chang-jin were also brought. Excluding Moon Chang-jin and Guk Tae-jeong, most of the players were born in 1998 or older and were in their early to mid-20s. Although he was recognized in terms of his ability, as I said earlier, they were not evaluated as clearly blooming their talents.

An official from the K-League said, “Of course, there is the situation of the club in Seongnam, but this recruitment reflected the intention of coach Lee Ki-hyung. We desperately wanted players who could play more. We recruited players who were physically ready.” said. At the same time, it is Lee Ki-hyeong-ho who has secured veterans who will hold the center by signing new contracts with Kwon Soon-hyung and Lee Jong-ho.

There was also a story saying, “Pungsaenggo’s promising players may also be more actively employed than last season.” Although Seongnam still has many uncertainties, it is preparing for the 2023 season step by step in the direction set by coach Lee Ki-hyung.