‘World Cup Heroes’ ransom high… Transfer market expectations ‘up’

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European teams are eagerly seeking Korean players who led the Qatar World Cup round of 16. In the transfer market this winter, expectations are raised whether a surprise transfer will be made.

Reporter Lee Da-som pointed out the players who are on the rise. 

Even in inclement rainy weather, Kim Min-jae can’t find any gaps. His accurate long pass to his teammate in front was also the starting point for the opponent’s sending off.

Despite his perfect performance, Kim Min-jae was substituted after the first half. As the first replacement out after joining Napoli, manager Spalletti explained the reason for the early replacement, saying, “It was for injury prevention.”

Five days later, with a big match against Juventus in second place in the league, it is interpreted as protecting Kim Min-jae, a key player in the team.

As much as the trust within the team, the European football world’s interest in Kim Min-jae is getting hotter. 

Spanish media Marca reported that after the World Cup in Qatar, Kim Min-jae’s ransom soared by nearly 30 billion won. 스포츠토토

Kim Min-jae / Naples
“There is always talk of a transfer, but it hasn’t even been half a month yet…”

He expressed his feelings of pressure, but from Manchester United to Liverpool, he is showing off his stock price with constant rumors of signing big clubs.

‘World Cup Star’ Cho Kyu-sung’s European stage challenge is also gaining momentum. England’s Sky Sports reported that Scotland’s Celtic offered a transfer fee of £3 million for the signing of Cho Kyu-sung.”

‘Left-footed Wizard’ Lee Kang-in is known to be interested in Premier League clubs such as Newcastle and Aston Villa, so it is noteworthy whether he will move to the English stage.

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